Being a Young Programmer is an excellent opportunity for young people who are serious about film to take part in a well-established, vibrant and innovative film festival. A few of them took some time out to write reviews about their favourite films at EIFF 2016.

1. Away

"You wouldn't expect a suicidal fifty-something (played by Timothy Spall) to have very much in common with a young girl (Juno Temple) who’s running away from her abusive boyfriend, but Away manages to develop a genuine and touching friendship between them over the course of the film. There are formidable performances from both leads, and a fair dose of action thrown into the mix." - Freya Clenshaw

2. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople

"Hunt for the Wilderpeople is likely to be a festival favourite for many, including myself, as it perfectly blends wacky humour and touching relationships. Julian Dennisoun plays the adventurous young Ricky Baker with perfect timing and just the right amount of hip hop dancing." - Freya Clenshaw

3. Mammal

"Mammal is the outstandingly original study of Margret (Rachel Griffiths), a reclusive woman who apprehensively forms a relationship with a seemingly untrustworthy teenage boy (Barry Keoghan) searching for redemption for the son she abandoned at birth. Their captivating relationship stems from mistrust and confused motives, which exceptional direction from Rebecca Daly triumphantly observes through the mysteriously lonely atmosphere. It’s intoxicatingly intriguing yet these qualities rarely create happy endings…" - James Conway

4. The Model

"As the title implies, The Model focuses on an aspiring model, named Emma (Maria Palm). Don’t let the simplistic title fool you – its shocking twists expose the ugly truth of fashion’s glamorous world and, like myself, you will be lost for words. Completed by its appropriately stylish filming and impeccable casting, this tale of manipulation and mistrust is one that you would be a fool to miss." - James Conway

5. Bugs

"Bugs is a fascinating documentary following two cooks from the Nordic Food Lab, travelling the world in search for insects that they can put into meals. It’s an interesting film that gets you thinking about food and what is actually in it. It may even have you curious enough to try out some of the food at home…" - Mark Carnochan

6. Moon Dogs

"Moon Dogs is an innovative coming of age movie about three teenagers travelling from Shetland to Glasgow. With great technical film making, an excellent cast and fantastic script, this film will make you both laugh and cry and will always be an enjoyable watch time and time again." - Mark Carnochan

7. The Wrong End of The Stick

"This short animation about a married man who wants to become a dog is very well crafted and extremely funny. The film follows a traditional narrative structure in which cartoon characters appear in a live action world. The film easily gets the viewer to care for each character and entertains with some hysterical moments. Certainly worth a watch!" - Mark Carnochan

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This intrepid band love cinema and love EIFF. The 2016 Young Programmers' strand, 'The Young and the Wild', includes an excellent selection of films that explore issues pertinent to young people around the world. During EIFF 16, various young programmers will be bringing you blog posts on a variety of subjects.


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