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The EIFF 2016 staff have taken time out of their busy schedules to pick their favourite films from the festival thus far. In case you're feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of screenings on offer, we've collated a digestible breakdown that should make life a little easier for you.

 1. Diving Into The Unknown

"Incredibly moving and amazing." – Neil Fox, Project Manager

2. Aloys

"A really unexpected, inventive, beautiful (and so on and so forth) film about loneliness and imagination." - Ellen Spence, Development Intern

3. Five Animated Years of Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson

“Will and Ainslie are a remarkable Scottish success story - why? Come and see their Internationally acclaimed animated films.” - Iain Gardner, Animation Programmer

4. Modesty Blaise

“Screening from an archive 35mm print on loan from the Fox Studio Vault. As a Projectionist, it is very rare to get a chance to run near flawless prints these days. This is one of them and shouldn’t be missed on the big screen.” - Ali Blaikie, Projectionist

5. Dersu Uzala

“When I first saw this film, it was on a VHS tape I found in my local college in North Wales. I watched it on a tiny portable TV, which isn’t ideal for something that was meant to be viewed on a big screen projected from a 70mm print, but even then I was knocked out by the sheer beauty of what I was seeing. I vowed that day that, the next time I watched the film, it would be from 70mm as intended, and it has been a long 22 years, but the 25th of June will be quite an emotional day for me when I finally get to see Dersu Uzala for the second time.” – Si Edwards, Print Traffic Coordinator

6. Suntan

"A modern Greek odyssey in a world of neon sleaze - cult of youth meets mid-life crisis wistfulness.” – Sian Hickson, Guest Driver Coordinator

7. A Patch of Fog

"It’s a twisted wee tale of blackmail and forced friendship, with Stephen Graham and Conleth Hill both great. Safe to say it really escalates quickly!” – James Erwin, Marketing Coordinator

8. Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

"In a rare position of being allowed to spend 3 years in the life of this iconic musician, Steve Read and Rob Alexander manage to get the viewer inside the head of Numan as he openly talks about how he managed (or didn’t manage) his Aspergers on his rise to fame and subsequent fall to the prey of the press. A very fine piece of filmmaking." – Lynne Thomson, Finance and Administration Assistant

9. Slash

"One of the best coming of age stories I've seen in a while. It covers everything from finding ones sexual identity to gender identity and style. And is the least patronizing film at that.” – Katri Vanhatalo, Recruitment Manager

10. Angry Indian Goddesses

"Surprising and moving as film can be - joyous, sad, real, eye opening, and created with love and an aspiration for a better world." – Kerryn Kirkpatrick, Director of External Relations

BONUS FILM: E.T. the Extra-Terrestria with the RSNO

“I’m very excited for E.T. (I think I will probably weep listening to RSNO play the score live)." - Juliet Tweedie, Development Manager

With love from the EIFF 2016 staff. Keep your eyes peeled for Best of the Fest which will be announced on Thursday 23 June.

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