Following our Best of the Fest announcement, we've done some scouring of the internet to find the most glittering reviews of the cream of the crop from EIFF 2016. Best of the Fest features our favourite films from the 70th edition of EIFF at the slightly cheaper price of £7. Winner winner popcorn dinner.

1. The Carer

" is Brian Cox’s commanding lead performance that truly ignites the screen, elevating and shaping this simple film into something quite special." - Movie Review World


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2. Away

"A well-meaning, often superbly acted film that combines kitchen sink misery and crime thriller peril." - The List

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3. The Olive Tree

"The Olive Tree is engaging as a family drama and pro-environmentalist fable." - EdFest Mag

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4. Maggie’s Plan

"Ultimately Maggie's Plan is effective as both a character study of a woman looking to exercise control over everything in her life and a comedic relationship farce, enlivened by sharp writing and excellent performances across the board." - Seensome

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5. The First Monday in May

"From there, the director peels back the curtain to trace chronologically the work that creates the glamour and the ambitious exhibition it’s built around..." - The Guardian

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6. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

"While there are a few shortcomings, nothing can derail such a majestic, magical experience from being one of the great enjoyments of the year. Funny, moving, heartfelt and superbly performed, Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a joy and reaffirms his place as one of a unique voice in film right now." - Flickering Myth

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7. Moon Dogs

"Great work from charismatic young trio, amazing score from Anton Newcombe." - Irvine Welsh

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8. Belladonna of Sadness

“...undoubtedly a landmark of animated film, and arguably a masterpiece." - New York Times

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9. Mr. Right

..."she dips into that tricky genre, the hybrid action thriller and romantic comedy — and scores again." - New York Times

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10. Highlander

"Sometimes it's over the top and campy, other times it's melancholy, heartbreaking and sweet. Fans gravitate towards both ends of the spectrum, but the fact that it has a spectrum and is not a one note piece... is impressive in and of itself." - Daily Record


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Join us on Sunday for one last blast of some truly excellent cinema.

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