A slightly different story about a guy with superpowers who also happens to be a hardened criminal and drug addict, but wants to change his ways. Nick Love - director of American Hero - talks to us about Stephen Dorff, superhero films, and why he hates Superman.

Ahead of its UK Premiere, we spoke to Nick Love about his film and the thought process behind it. Nick Love is a well known director, most notably for The Football Factory. He took time out of his schedule to talk to us about the film itself, what it was like working with Stephen Dorff, and what it was like filming in New Orleans. American Hero is an excellent film that follows a unique individual who happens to have superpowers... but also happens to be a bit of a reprobate.

What is American Hero about?

It’s an alternative take on what a superhero movie might look like, but it’s also about a guy that wants to connect with his son. It follows a guy called Melvin who struggles with drug addiction and violence, but also happens to have immense superpowers and tries to turn his life around to put them to good use.

What’s the background of the film?

I wanted to create something to combat all the bombastic superhero movies out there. It’s set in New Orleans so I spent some time there prior to making the film really getting under its skin. I wanted to make the film as freewheeling as possible so I didn't go in with much of a set plan. I wanted it to have a life of its own. It was filmed in 20 days, with 6 months of editiing, so it took less than a year to make.

Why did you choose Stephen Dorff for the lead role?

Because to me, he's the ultimate movie star. He’s very similar to the character – as an actor he has enormous potential but he’s his own worst enemy. He’s battling a lot of demons. I’ll be honest, he wasn't an easy guy to work with. He’s very demanding, and he’s not a barrel of laughs, but he was really into the film and I liked that. I’m not out to make friends; I wanted someone that could bring the character to life. The character that he plays is also quite demanding - you're not supposed to like him. He's supposed to challenge you.

What sets this film apart from the others?

The more I make films, the more unique I want to make them. This is definitely a unique film.

Lastly, who is your favourite superhero and why?

I can’t bear Superman, he’s far too popular for me. Deadpool was pretty cool because he was so off the wall, and I loved Guardians of the Galaxy. I much prefer characters that take risks.

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