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The Teen Spirit strand, selected by the EIFF Young Programmers team, proudly portrays young people in a manner that is sensitive, warm and all encompassing. Let's take a closer look.

Very few people evoke both joy and sorrow with equal conviction quite like young people do. Stuck in between the playground and the workplace, they can use imagination to bring enchantment to the real world. They are not all swallowed by the ethereal nature of youth, some of them have a firm grasp on reality, understanding even the darkest of what occurs in the world.

Young people are a force to be reckoned with, regardless of which side they slot into – something that rings true in this years Teen Spirit strand. Compiled by the Young Programmers, a group of 15-19 year olds passionate about film, it embodies all that is sweet, sullen and joyous about being young.

From the sunny, youthful daze that Galore basks in, to the chaotic mind of a grieving skateboarder in Violet, each of the group's six chosen features relates directly to what they relate to.

In Finsterworld, gleeful colours meld perfectly with an admirable dark humour. Meanwhile Korso delves into the life of a boy trying to attain unattainable dreams. Passion and determination shine through in both Ballet Boys and #ChicagoGirl: two documentaries which focus on the realism of young people's powers.

To round out the programme, a wonderfully diverse shorts programme, Teen Spirit Shorts, features comedy, documentary, and drama, and rounds up something truly wonderful for the cinema goers of the new generation.

"Being a young programmer has exceeded my expectations," said Bronwyn O’Neill, 18. "The people I have met are all likeminded and interesting folk that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with."

"The entire selection process of our strand has also been really fun and opened up many opportunities to learn more about other countries filmmaking abilities. Previously, I wouldn't go near a subtitled movie but now I find that movies from other countries can sometimes surpass the ability of our own filmmakers – which is fascinating."

"With the EIFF coming up, there are so many exciting things to do whether we are making content for others via video or photos, meeting filmmakers or partaking in masterclasses. I cannot wait for the Festival as it is going to be a wonderful experience for movie-goers and I'm happy I could have been a part of it."

Want to get involved? EIFF is also hosting the Youth Hub: a new, free Edinburgh International Film Festival programme of practical workshops, filmmaker chats, careers advice and masterclasses for 15-26 year olds.

Click here to explore the Teen Spirit strand.

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