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Visit some of the world’s most amazing and breathtaking places in our wonderful world – all through these films at the Fest.

Manakamana (19 & 20 June)
Get dropped right into the action with this documentary as it takes you on a journey on a Nepalese cable car. Directors Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez make the most of creative constraint, presenting a series of 10 minute long stories with various characters – the length of a roll of 16mm film. Constant physical and emotional negotiation unfold between the camera and each passenger – and with you, the audience.


Letters from the South (Nan fang lai xin) (19 & 21 June)
This lyrical omnibus takes you on a journey through the South-East. Six talented directors present six cross-cultural encounters from Chinese cousins meeting in Bangkok, to a woman from China returning to her native Myanmar, to an apartment complex in Malaysia visited by a Buddhist monk.


Ice Poison (Bing du) (19 & 21 June)
Sanmei is a young woman who has left her native Myanmar to endure an arranged marriage in China. Directed by the young Myanmar-born, Taiwan-based director Midi Z, the filmmaker's subtle and powerful visual style portray the economic and moral crisis that affects the young people of his native country.


My Name is Salt (23 & 24 June)
This remarkable documentary spends a season with thousands of families in the desert in Gujerat, India, post-monsoon season. Each year they spend 8 months extracting salt from the earth, using the same painstaking, manual techniques as generations before them. Observe the particular rhythms of their lives alongside director Farida Pacha and cinematographer Lutz Konermann whose lyrical film brings their experiences all the way to Edinburgh.


My Red Shoes (Mes souliers rouges) (24 & 26 June)
Visit Iran during a revolution, but with a twist. This is a story about love. Combining gripping personal accounts, scenes of daily life, metaphysical digressions and home-movie footage in Super 8 and Hi8, My Red Shoes is a warm and luminous film about commitment, exile and the transmission of values after private and political catastrophe.


Life May Be (21 & 23 June)
Join us for the World Premiere of Life May Be: a heartfelt meditation on art and identity. In this essay film, local director Mark Cousins (A Story of Children and Film, EIFF 2013) and Iranian director Mania Akbari (From Tehran to London, EIFF 2013) correspond, considering some themes that are at the core of their personal and artistic lives.

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