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Living for the weekend? Here are our selections for Friday night!

Knock off work early for these films, all starting around 6pm!


5.50pm – Still Life (Tabiate Bijan)
Looking for something a little bit different? Give this one a go. An elderly railway signalman lives a life of unvarying routine with his wife, a carpet weaver in this Iranian film from the 1970s.

6pm – Ana Arabia
Set in Iran and comprising of a single shot, this is one for the cinephiles. It's one of our Artistic Director's top recommendations, and features a Q&A with director Amos Gitai.


6.05pm – N: The Madness of Reason
Got an affinity for Africa? Check out this amazing documentary filled with fantastic landscapes and lots of surprises.



Love a bit of pre-theatre? Grab an early dinner then head along to these great events.


7pm – EIFF & Empire Present Hero Hangout: Noel Clarke
Prolific actor-director-producer Noel Clarke sits down with Empire to talk about his work. He also has 2 films in the Festival – look out for We Are Monster and The Anomaly this weekend.


8pm – A House in Berlin
A magnificent blend of Scottish and German culture – and of fiction and non-fiction. Take in this amazing retelling of a woman's mysterious inheritance and enjoy a Q&A with Chris Fujiwara and director Cynthia Beatt. Great for a thoughtful date night followed by a glass of wine and a chat.


8.30pm – Aberdeen
This one sounds close to home, but you can bet it isn't! Aberdeen is the name of a district known in Cantonese as "Little Hong Kong". Screening in the Director's Showcase, this family drama portrays the the burdens and pleasures of daily life in Hong Kong.


Late in the night, it's time to turn up the heat with these films which are sure to surprise and delight in equal measure...


8.30pm – We Are Monster
Bring your friends along to this raw, uncomprimising British drama. If you liked Starred Up, you'll love this. We are judge. We are jury. We are monster.


8.50pm – We Gotta Get Out of This Place
This tense, small town US drama follows a group of Texan teens as they slip into a life of drugs and crime.It's big trouble in the middle of nowhere – and it's well worth a watch to kick off your weekend.


And finally...


10.40pm – The Green Inferno
Horror and gore fans, unite! If you're after a late night extravaganza, get in on the action with The Green Inferno. Once again, Eli Roth justifies his position at the top of the fantasy/horror genre ladder with this startling and depraved take on cannibalism. 


How will you be spending your weekend at EIFF?

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