Editor's Blog: The 11th Hour

The final hours of EIFF are upon us! Our Web Editor, Nicola Balkind, recounts the Fest and looks forward to tonight's closing festivities.

I come to you with a last minute blog today to encourage you to take advantage of the final selection of films and events in our 2014 programme.

The 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival has been a blast, with fantastic Hero Hangout guests including Don Johnson and Elijah Wood. Today the final Hero Hangout, presented by EIFF and Empire, took place with the co-directors of tonight's Closing Night Gala film, Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne.

Empire journliast Helen O'Hara chaired the event, taking Simon Helberg through a career retrospective Q&A from his traumatic-sounding drama school experience, through web series work, and into projects as diverse as hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory and the Coen Brothers' film A Serious Man.

Helberg and Towne arrived in Edinburgh today (without their luggage, but looking no worse for the wear for it!). They discussed how they wrote and co-directed the story of their own break-up: a project which came about when Helberg had run out of ideas at a pitch meeting and told their unfortunate yet funny tale instead. The result was We'll Never Have Paris.

It was a compulsive, confessional time in his life, he told us, and he likens the experience to a quarter-life crisis. They also talked about some of their influences in making the film (Woody Allen's films Manhattan, Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters; Alexander Payne's Sideways, and others), and discussed their mutual affection for theatre and for screenwriting.

The pair will be back to introduce tonight's Closing Night Gala screening – check out the film page for more information.

If you're sticking around for more, I can also make some recommendations for tonight's Best of the Fest! Check out the work of local filmmakers Graham Hughes, Graeme McGeagh and Keith Grantham in A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide (5.55pm at Cineworld), and the similarly hilarious and warm The Skeleton Twins (9.05pm at Cineworld).

If funny films about suicide don't tickle your fancy, go and see some of the most-recommended films I've sadly missed: A Dangerous Game (7.50pm at Cineworld), and/or Palo Alto (8.20pm at Odeon).

That's it from me for now – have a fantastic Closing Night and we'll see you again next year!


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