Top Tweets: Best Before the Fest

Press and Industry members have begun to arrive and early buzz for EIFF 2013 has already begun. Here are some top tweets with some early recommendations from our friends of the Fest.

The Deep (20 & 21 June)

First up at #edfilmfest - The Deep. An Icelandic drama about unlikely survival of a fisherman. Superb technically. A film of communities. 

The Deep: bleak, almost monochrome tale of a man surviving in the sea against all odds. Enough to put anyone off being a fisherman.
It was really good. Didn't actually mention that. Recommended. #TheDeep #EdFilmFest


C.O.G (20 & 21 June)

C.O.G.: a smart and sensitively told story with strong performances from its charismatic lead and supporting cast #edfilmfest


The Last Station (20 & 21 June)

"The Last Station" artfully composed but oft laboured in its constructedness: watching waiting wears, a meandering memento mori #edfilmfest


Sofia's Last Ambulance (20 & 21 June)

SOFIA'S LAST AMBULANCE offers a ground-level perspective so unflinchingly that it becomes abstract. Strangely effective. #EdFilmFest


Svengali (21 & 22 June) 

First taste of #edfilmfest is a charmer: earnest, funny muso comedy Svengali with Jonny Owen, Vicky McClure and a host of great Brits


Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (20 & 22 June)

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction is a profound, affectionate portrait of a man soaked in cinema. Watch it. #edfilmfest 


The East (20 & 23 June)

The East is fine. Slick and brisk throughout. A bit silly but otherwise a solid thriller. #edfilmfest

#THEEAST is a 5 star film @edfilmfest Britt Marling is sensational, as are the rest of the cast. Nice to see Toby Kebbell in it.

1st #EIFF screening this morning - The East, a pacy, compelling thriller that goes to some very interesting places. Good start to the fest!


When Night Falls (20 & 22 June)

When Night Falls, dramatisation of dodgy justice in China suffers glacial pacing/confusion. Made me want to see trad doc on subj#edfilmfest


What Maisie Knew (20 & 22 June)

What Maisie Knew is a delicate depiction of childhood isolation, abandonment and helplessness. Her innocence in ordeal is tragic #edfilmfest 

I've just seen my first @edfilmfest movie in What Maisie Knew, and it's brilliant. Great start to the festival. #edfilmfest

Enjoyed What Maisie Knew yesterday, particularly the way the actual story sort of creeps up on you. Skarsgard really excellent. #edfilmfest


We Are the Freaks (22 & 23 June)

Can't wait to see @104Films We Are The Freaks at @edfilmfest: …


Fire in the Night (20 & 30 June)

Fire in the Night was excellent. A devastating account of the Piper Alpha tragedy, told by the survivors. 
I'm less convinced by the reconstruction sequences, but the survivors' testimony and the on-the-scene footage are extraordinary.
#MANLYTEARS, literally. #FireInTheNight #edfilmfest

Fire in the Night was a excellent documentary looking at the tragic events around the Piper Alpha. Recommend. 

Fire in the Night - fantastic harrowing documentary about Piper Alpha made easier by complimentary beer EIFF kindly provided in press pack


Twitterfolk are also excited about some of our upcoming special events...

Off to Edinburgh on Friday to speak at Game Symposium as part of Edinburgh Film Festival. Very exciting.

And in the evening there's going to be a Video Game Music concert feat. some of my music for Dear Esther. Can't wait


Also check out our Don't Miss! Picks of the Fest for Thursday and Friday.

What are your early picks for the Festival? Comment below or join in the discussion using #edfilmfest!

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