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Wondering what to do this wet weekend? Remember, EIFF 2013 is not over yet. In fact the tail-end of our packed programme is bound to keep you busy (and dry) as we have saved some of our best films for last.

Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz (12:30pm at Cineworld)
This weekend is your last chance to see Nazi zombies battle it out against a rag-tag group of Russian soldiers in this third instalment of Scotland’s popular Outpost saga. Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz returns the series to its WW2 origins and introduces a new hero in Dolokhov (Bryan Larkin), a member of Russia’s elite special forces. His strength and survival skills are sorely put to the test when he is captured by the Germans and taken to an underground bunker, where the most horrifying experiments are under way. Frenetic action, gory horror, and a sardonic touch make this a welcome sequel.

Burned Wings (16:55pm at Cineworld)
For some action-packed Saturday viewing why not take a trip to the mean streets of China? Raw violence and deadpan humour mark this ground-breaking indie gangster film from mainland China. Four young gangsters brazenly go up against established gangs and corrupt police in a bid to set themselves up as the top dogs of their small north-eastern China city.

Leviathan (14:40pm at Cineworld)
It’s official! This year’s winner of the prestigious Michael Powell Award is Leviathan. This stunning documentary immerses the audience in the sights and sounds of a voyage of a battered old Atlantic Ocean fishing trawler, detailing the cycle of violent encounters of men, fish, birds, and machines. It is a film that looks and sounds like nothing you have ever experienced.

Richard Williams: 80 Animated Years (13:45pm at Filmhouse)
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join animation legend Richard Williams as he celebrates his 80th birthday here in Edinburgh. Canadian animator Richard Williams, famed for the Pink Panther and Roger Rabbit, moved to the UK during the 1950s, invigorating the British industry by distilling knowledge from veterans of the golden age of Hollywood animation. The programme includes short films, animated sequences and commercials that highlight Williams’ incalculable contribution to the quality and reputation of British animation.

Spend your Saturday with two of cinema’s greatest filmmakers as EIFF wraps up its two outstanding retrospectives; one focussing on classic Hollywood director Richard Fleischer, and the other dedicated to forgotten French filmmaker Jean Grémillon.

Richard Fleischer
10 Rillington Place (16:15pm at Filmhouse)
The chilling account of the case that ended the death penalty in Britain. A spine-tingling masterpiece based on the true story of London serial killer John Christie played brilliantly by Richard Attenborough.

Jean Grémillon
The Sixth of June at Dawn (20:45pm at Filmhouse)
This extraordinary documentary is a moving and elegiac account of the tragic effects on coastal Normandy of the D-Day landing and the ensuing battles. A great tribute to enormous sacrifices.


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