Super Tuesday: Picks of the Fest

No it's not a US election, it's picks for this evening's screenings at EIFF!

Short Films 4 - 17:00 at Cameo
Because where else can you see an ace short films selection? Covering the themes of salvaging and scavaging, this is an explosive exploration of the human psyche.

Forever Loved - 17:50 at Filmhouse
Another gem from the Philippines - Christopher Gozum creates an intimate, evocative and hypnotic mixture of documentary, poetry, and fiction.

Papirosen - 18:00 at Cineworld
See how this dramatic documentary of an Argentine Jewish family compares with your home movies.

What is this Film Called Love? - 18:00 at Filmhouse
Mark Cousins returns to EIFF after his 15-hour epic The Story of Film: An Odyssey with this ad lib piece where he takes an imaginary companion on a walking tour of Mexico City. Friends, real and imaginary, welcome.

Isn't Anyone Alive? - 18:25 at Cineworld
Tarantino fans will love this Japanese film bursting with farcical comedy, dread, and absurdist observations from one of his biggest influencers - cult Japanese director Gakuryu Ishii (formerly known as Sogo Ishii).

Au Pair - 18:35 at Cineworld
Check out the Focus on Denmark with this striking documentary on the exploitation of au pair women who come from overseas to work in richer countries.

Here, Then - 19:00 at Cameo
If you're looking for a director in the 2012 programme with a cooler name, you won't find it. China's Mao Mao captures young people in contemporary China in this alluringly low-key and enigmatic portrayal of the alienation, disillusionment and loss of direction. One for the graduands.

One Mile Away - 20:00 at Cineworld
Join us for this Michael Powell Competition and World Premiere screening of Penny Woolcock and the members of rival Birmingham gangs who attempt to broker a peace agreement to a cool hip-hop soundtrack.

The Mirror Never Lies - 20:00 at Filmhouse
This lyrical first-time feature for Indonesian director Kamila Andini combines a strong environmentalist message with a timeless coming-of-age story. One of the biggest critical hits of the Fest so far.

The Rest of the World - 20:45 at Cineworld
EIFF regular Damien Odoul (Errance, En attendant le deluge) returns. An absorbing drama from one of France's most distinctive filmmakers.

Vivan Las Antipodas! - 21:00 at Cineworld
Contemplate what's going on at the exact opposite end of the earth. Award-winning Russian director Victor Kossakovsky's playful, evocative and stunningly cinematic film contemplates life in four antipodal pairs - Russia and Chile, China and Argentina, Botswana and Hawaii, and Spain and New Zealand.

Girimunho - 21:15 at Cameo
Embrace life! This slice of life film explores the life of an elderly woman with no fear of death and who relishes the day-to-day - and it is truly life-affirming.

Kotoko - 22:00 at Filmhouse
Japanese folk rock artist Cocco delivers an astonishing performance as Kotoko, a woman for whom the thin line between good and evil is something she traverses daily and in the most shocking of ways. Enjoy its dark humour and don't forget it in a hurry -- because you won't be able to.

Tickets for all of these films are available to book online, in person at the Filmhouse box office, and by phone on 0131 623 8030.

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