Super Sunday: Picks of the Fest

Read up on, and get out for, the editor's picks of the Fest for Sunday 24 June

Sunday is always a big day at EIFF. Next week we'll be treating you to our Best of the Fest, but in the meantime, here's our line-up of Sunday treats for midday, afternoon, and night.

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Early Afternoon at EIFF...

Tahrir: Liberation Square - 1pm at Cineworld
You say you want a revolution? Check out this exhilarating, immersive, and impressionistic account of the Egyptian revolution. Director Stefano Savona's camera weaves through crowds chanting slogans in this hypnotisingly superb on-the-ground documentary.

Siblings - For Better or Worse - 1.10pm at Cineworld
Short films on little ones - Siblings is a delightful series of four short documentaries about the relationships between sibling children. Bring your brother and sister, or even a wee one, along.

THE 99 Unbound - 1.20pm at Cineworld
Avengers will do their avenging, but THE 99 Unbound - the super-heroes of Naif Al-Mutawa’s comic strip ‘THE 99’ - is packed with action and intrigue. Welcome this feature debut from British animator Dave Osborne and celebrate unity amongst diversity.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax - 2pm at Cineworld
If I write it in verse, won't you come and converse... oh bother, just come along and meet The Lorax, guardian of the colourful Truffula trees, in 3D! It's one for all the family.


Mid-Afternoon Delights...

In Person: Masterclass with Wang Bing - 3pm at Filmhouse
Learn from one of the greats in Chinese documentary filmmaking - Wang is an artist whose work with time and space marks him as one of the most significant filmmakers of our time. Hear his insights, in person, today. Opportunity only knocks once!

Never Too Late - 3.15pm at Cineworld
Expatriates and anyone with a touch of wanderlust will lust for Never Too Late - a delicate and moving tale about a young man returning to Israel after years spent living in South America.


Pre-theatre at the Cinema...

Short Films 3: Strange Geometry - 5pm at Cameo
From geography to geometry - this Short Films programme is the perfect opportunity to catch something you wouldn't see outside of the Festival. Salute eccentric characters and the extent of the human imagination with this life-affirming selection of shorts.

The King of Pigs - 6pm at Cineworld
One for animation fans, this Korean feature examines inequality. This dark and gritty animation portrays the brutal world of school bullying to haunting effect.

Sexual Chronicals of a French Family - 6.10pm at Cineworld
Ohh la la! Dress down for this show at Cineworld in which sexual frankness of a very Gallic kind abounds. Mum, Dad, Brother, adopted sister and Granddad are all at it – but we'd recommend bringing your friends along for this one.

The Lifeguard - 7pm at Cameo
Ever heard of a lifeguard who wouldn't get in the water? This brilliant feature documentary debut has the intensity of a short story, swimming from quirk to shock as the story progresses...

Exit Elena - 7.20pm at Cineworld
The World Premiere of this this no-budget, docu-style drama melds indefinable tension, mystery, and utterly real performances. We think it's one to watch.


Night-time Treats

Papirosen - 9pm at Cameo
Ever wanted to record your own life? Young filmmaker Gastón Solnicki spent more than a decade recording the lives of various members of his Argentine Jewish family on video to create this dramatic documentary. Take a look and see how it compares to your home videos.

Bestiaire - 9.15pm at Cineworld
If you don't get a chance to meet the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, check out Denis Côté’s contemplative portrait of animals in captivity at Quebec’s Parc Safari. Startling imagery and complex themes will give you plenty of time, and food, for thought.

One Mile Away - 9.30pm at Filmhouse
Don't make me rhyme again...  Just check out the Birmingham hip-hop Dylan and Shabba, members of rival Birmingham gangs, attempt to broker a peace agreement after being introduced by filmmaker Penny Woolcock. A compelling tale of courage and determination with a smooth hip-hop soundtrack - and your ticket will get you into tonight's party, too.


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