Follow Friday: Tweet-sized #edfilmfest Reviews

We pick some of your reactions from EIFF films using the #edfilmfest Twitter hashtag.

Over the years, Twitter has become one of the best places to find bite-sized reviews of films screening at the Festival.

So what is the Twittersphere recommending? We've compiled some of the top Twitter reviews to help you find your picks of the Fest.

@GoldenPun: Really enjoyed GRABBERS. Doesn't reinvent the horror wheel, but a very fun & funny mix of Father Ted & Benchley's The Beast. @edfilmfest

The Life & Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus
@mondoghosto: Paul the Psychic Octopus? I have grown more and more fond of his charm as the day wears on... #EdFilmFest

The King of Pigs
@EndTitlesBlog: Just saw 'King of Pigs', Korean animation. Interesting style and brutal story. Very good. #edfilmfest #kingofpigs

The Ambassador
@G_RantonTweet: The Ambassador, what a superb picture. #edfilmfest

Tondo, Beloved
@MarkCousinsFilm: @edfilmfest this morning, saw philippino doc Tondo; classically beautiful, like the best of Maysles...and, again, so moving.

Never Too Late
@ShadowsRich: Never Too Late: intimate Israeli drama suggests that moping around the countryside is just the tonic for overcoming years of guilt.

@NathanealSmith: #edfilmfest? Rent-A-Cat: if I see a more adorable film this festival, I'll eat my press pass. Absolutely bonkers, but ridiculously sweet.

The Imposter
@Film4: A massively heartfelt Follow Friday to the talented folk behind @theimposterfilm at @edfilmfest. Released in UK cinemas in August. #FF

@FilmFan1971: First film of the day: Gattu. Charming Indian drama about a kite-flying street urchin. #edfilmfest

... and from our partners at The List:

@GailTolley: The @edfilmfest coverage continues @thelistmagazine: Interview with Maja Borg on her experimental doc Future My Love.

"At once thought-provoking and emotionally-provocative." -- Miles Fielder, The List

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Next time we'll be asking for your own lists of picks - so keep an eye out for the next blog!

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