Chris' Daily Diary 5: Three Women

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Chris Fujiwara's latest blog - today he tells us about meeting the filmmakers at EIFF 2012

Now my days at EIFF are measured out in Q&As. Yesterday evening I moderated three extremely enjoyable sessions with visiting filmmakers.

Mania Akbari, an Iranian filmmaker and actor (Abbas Kiarostami’s 10) now living in London, came to EIFF to present her beautiful One.Two.One. With the aid of two local interpreters, she told the appreciative audience at the Cameo about the importance of the face in Iranian culture, where for women who must appear in public with their bodies otherwise veiled, the face becomes the part of the body where all expressiveness is invested. The questions from the audience were very precise, showing their attentiveness to details of mise en scène and gesture and testifying to the power of Mania’s passionate and meticulous work.

For Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’s stylish Flying Blind, the Polish filmmaker was joined by one of the stars, Najib Oudghiri, and Alison Sterling, the British producer. Alison recounted how while searching for a director who could bring “a European style” to a Bristol-set story of love and suspense, she discovered Klimkiewicz by way of an award-winning short film. Flying Blind was made under the microbudget initiative iFeatures and bodes well both for the initiative and for the future career of Klimkiewicz, whose direction is vigorous, poised and sustained. You can read our interview with Katarzyna here.

Taiwanese director DJ Chen, fresh from the airport, came with her Young Dudes, an atmospheric, very trippy film about young people facing the impending apocalypse. I admitted at the start of the Q&A that I had a less than clear idea what the film, which I’d seen three months earlier at its world premiere in Hong Kong, was supposed to be about. The director didn’t seem to mind. Her talk, half in English half in interpreted Chinese, was fuelled by cheerful nervous energy. Turns out Young Dudes will open on 18 to 20 screens in Taiwan on 31 August. There is hope for the world.

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