Volunteer Blog: Rosie Kew gives you an insight into the inner workings of EIFF

Our superstar marketing placement, Rosie Kew, gives us the lowdown on her EIFF experience so far

Volunteers and placements are integral to EIFF's operation, and their hard work never goes unnoticed by fellow Festival staffers. We bring you a taster of what it's like to work behind the scenes at an international film festival.

Which films/events have you attended?
So far I have seen The Guard, Bleak Night and Our Day will Come. My festival highlights so far have been the Romain Gavras Q&A screening of ‘Our Day will Come’. The front row seats made the obscure scenes hit with more punch. The Q&A was hilarious, the banter from Romain Gavras added to the overall experience of the screening.

If you had limitless time and/or money, what would you do next?
Create a time machine so I can see the Page Eight and Perfect Sense screenings over the weekend and the Bill Nighy Interview. This week I am particularly interested in this week’s Sound Tracks events such as the Domino: Cut and Paste and An Evening with Chemikal Underground.

What have you encountered that has made you laugh?
I was working at an event on Saturday evening as part of the screening of Perfect Sense. When administering guests with wristbands in my highly vigilant role I found myself trying to give Denis Lawson one before being advised that although “he’d like one he didn’t need one". Mortified doesn’t cut it.

What have you seen that has made you think or feel inspired?
Although I haven't been to as many features events as I wish I could, I think the overall experience of the festival is there to make you feel inspired either to create or become part of it.

If you could spot/rub shoulders with anyone at EIFF, who would it be?
The people I have wished to rub shoulders with have been the people within the festival team! I am gaining invaluable experience working with people I can pick their brains, gain professional knowledge and make new friends. This is my third year as a festival volunteer  - from my first two as a Front of House Assistant and first within the EIFF office as a Marketing Placement. This year it’s great to see the progression of the festival from the inside. I feel like I’m traipsing through the inner workings of the festival body... imagine Innerspace and you're there. Having arrived a week before the festival programme launch its been incredible to watch mere brainstorming sessions becomes a reality!

It’s also been great to see the connection between social media pushes and ticket sales. Google analytics has brought out my inner geek.


Check back soon to hear more from the Festival team, and find out which are our Top Tweets from Festival fans!

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