Introducing: 2 for 1 Tuesdays

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A ticket deal to brighten your week

With EIFF in full swing, we're bringing you an irresistible mid-Festival offer for film fans. With up-and-coming releases from Jack Goes Boating to Countdown To Zero, guest-appearances at Burning Ice and An Evening with Chemikal Underground, and brilliant new films like Albatross and Tomboy, you and a friend can come along for the price of one to any film in this 2-for-1 selection.

Don't miss out on snap-happy The Bang Bang Club, the vibrant The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, and hidden gems including Angel and Tony, Tomboy, and The Divide.

FIlms in Tuesday's 2-for-1 ticket deal:

Jack Goes Boating
Angel & Tony
Countdown To Zero
Burning Ice
An Evening With Chemikal Underground
The Ballad of Genesis & Lady Jaye
The Bang Bang Club
The Divide

Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone on 0131 228 2688 or in person at Filmhouse and Festivalhouse@Teviot.

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  • David Hanna Tuesday 21st June, 2011 / 10:34 GMT

    I've already bought a full-price ticket for Angel & Tony. Does this mean that I can take a friend for free?
  • Nicholas Meny Tuesday 21st June, 2011 / 10:44 GMT

    Cheers EIFF, that's a great offer - unless of course you are one of us that has already paid £9 for a ticket to see one of these films (in my case Jack Goes Boating). This is a repeat of the situation where a 2 for 1 offer was introduced for the documentaries-UK strand after myself and 4 friends had already paid full price for our tickets to see Project Nim. What exactly is the incentive to book tickets in advance?
  • Niko Ovenden Tuesday 21st June, 2011 / 14:10 GMT

    Nicholas, perhaps the incentive is the fact that sell-outs happen, like By Day and By Night, which I had the foresight to buy 2 tickets to and it's not on the 2-for-1 list above. It's speculation at it's finest to hold out for these promotions.
  • M G Tuesday 21st June, 2011 / 16:25 GMT

    Niko, I think what people are getting at is that if there are so few films sold out, why did they not have ticket offers from day one. Yes, your chosen film has sold out, but perhaps many others today would also have sold out (and more money made for the EIFF) if they'd introduced multiple-purchase ticket offers from day one (even 4 for £30 or something - some people would still pay full price if they didn't want to see four, but it encourages people to pay and see more!), as in all previous EIFFs that I've attended. It would also have meant far fewer people being unhappy at having paid full price for tickets when an offer is then introduced at a later date. Things like this create negative feelings towards the Festival. Ticketing for this year's event has been an absolute shambles, from poor communication to ambiguous pre-Festival information, and one can only hope they learn from their mistakes in time for next year.
  • Nicola Balkind Wednesday 22nd June, 2011 / 00:25 GMT

    Hi all,

    We did state from before the beginning of the Festival that there were no multi-buy deals, but that we'd be introducing ticket offers throughout the Festival period. This is one such offer. I will pass your comments along.
  • M G Wednesday 22nd June, 2011 / 08:12 GMT

    Actually, nobody was aware that there would be no ticket offers until launch day (much to the annoyance of people who had paid extra to get Filmhouse membership in the hope it would give them a significant advantage), and on the day the tickets became available you stated: "you can also join us on Facebook and Twitter to get ticket offers and promotions in the build up to the Festival". Sorry, but this was misleading, as it never happened!