Follow Friday: Filmmakers

Follow your favourite and future favourite filmmakers during the festival on Twitter!

Through the wonders of social media, even those who can’t make it to the festival can join in the buzz and discuss the great films and events EIFF has to offer.

Festival curator, fashion designer and co-founder of the Hoping Foundation, Bella Freud (@bellafreud), is a regular tweeter. Meanwhile Gus Van Sant’s (@Gus_Van_Sant) selection of Derek Jarman’s films for Perspectives (The Angelic Conversation, The Last of England and Blue) can only reveal more than his cryptic comments.

Documentary-makers are often active online, with Esther Anderson (@EstherAnderson) keeping track of events relevant to Bob Marley, and Jarred Alterman (@JarredAlterman) of Convento ready with witty barbs. Matthew Bate (@Matthew_Bate), director of audio misadventure Shut Up Little Man, is a keen promoter while music enthusiast and director of Sound It Out, and Jeanie Finlay (@JeanieFinlay), is a prompt follow-back. Sophie Raymond (@MrsCsConcert) invites tweeters to share their thoughts on Mrs Carey’s Concert.

Romain Gavras (@ROMAIN_GAVRAS), first-time director of Our Day Will Come, asserts ‘real men don’t tweet’ meanwhile fellow Frenchman, Jean-Marc Barr (@JeanMarc_Barr), director of American Translation, is similarly enigmatic. Charlie Casanova director, Terry McMahon (@terrymcmahon69), is opinionated and informative and Chris Weitz (@chrisweitz) of A Better Life is humorous and reflective.

The bilingual can also follow avid Tweeter and director of Post Mortem, Pablo Larrain (@pablofabula - points for spotting the reference), and Nicolas Goldbart (@Goldbart) of the apocalyptic Phase 7.

Frontline Club members, director of Hell and Back Again, Danfung Dennis (@Danfung) and Teru Kuwayama (@terukuwayama), who will be in attendance to discus Basetrack at the Future of War Reporting, demonstrate the political possibilities of social media.

Alternatively, viral virtuoso Lucy Cooke (@amphib_avenger) and BAFTA nominee Chris Shepherd (@chris__shepherd) are never short of light-hearted links.

Check back next week for Follow Friday: Blogger Edition.

Who are your favourite filmmakers to follow on Twitter?

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