The World Premiere!

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Last night, we had our first screening at EIFF! Pretty fabulous--nice big theatre at Cineworld, great picture and sound.

We were very pleased. Neil Young, our compere, ran a beautiful Q&A. Q&A's are an art all their own, and our festival travels have taught us to be very grateful for smart, well-informed moderators who can ask great questions – and that was Neil all over. The good news is that Neil will also be there for our second screening of THE RED MACHINE, which is tomorrow, Saturday, June 19 at 3:15 p.m.

After last night's screening, we had a lovely gathering at the Cabaret Voltaire's Speakeasy, where we debuted the Red Machine cocktail. The irony is that the two of us don't drink, but we were told by those who do that the cocktail was extremely good. (We will be posting the recipe here shortly, as soon as we confirm the ingredients with the Voltaire's Cocktail Legends.)

The two of us are wimpy, thin-blooded Californians, so we're grateful that Scotland has been taking it easy on us and giving us gorgeous warm weather. Early this morning, we took advantage of that and walked up to the top of Arthur's Seat -- the one thing that EVERYONE told us we must do in Edinburgh. We were accompanied by two of our actors, Lee Perkins and Madoka Kasahara – and we are extremely pleased to report that the two of us upheld the honor of directors everywhere by beating those actors to the top of that little mountain! Go, Team Director!

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  • Shugg McGlummfer Monday 21st June, 2010 / 13:29 GMT

    Well done for getting to the top of Arthur's Seat. Anyway, great film and it was lovely talking to you and the actors at the Speakeasy. Thanks for inviting the audience, just fine.