In search of scotch!

We've been busy having our brains twisted. Yesterday, we met with a lot of people to learn about how films are made in the UK – and surprise! It's just as complicated as in the U.S. (though complicated in different ways).

Then we nerded out a bit and met with a scientist from the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics who's working on a very cool inertial motion capture system called Orient (, which tracks a person's movements.

Those movements can then be used to animate a computer-generated character. Orient is similar to the technology that was used to capture the actors' performances for Avatar, but it does it in a very different way. (watch a clip of it in action here -

We have an important question for anyone with opinions on scotch: in THE RED MACHINE, there is a scene in which our spy (played by Lee Perkins) visits his Japanese nemesis (played Eddie Lee) at the Japanese embassy, bringing along a bottle of “very fine scotch.”

EIFF's Thorben Grosser asked us what kind of scotch it was, then offered a very insightful analysis about what kind of scotch gentlemen in the 1930s might drink out of a square bottle and suggested that perhaps it was Highland Park. But we'd be curious to hear if anyone has any other ideas ...

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Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm are the co-directors of the caper adventure The Red Machine, which will be having its international premiere at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. They live in Los Angeles. Argy & Boehm’s previous movies include the short film Scene, shot in Stirling, Scotland, for which lead actor Bryan Larkin won a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best First Time Performance, and the award-winning short film Gandhi at the Bat.


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