Edinburgh by bike

A few years ago, the two of us co-produced a documentary on pro bicycle racing, and ever since we've been dedicated (if very slow) cyclists.

One of the loveliest side benefits of our RED MACHINE festival tour has been the bike rides we've been able to take in the various places where the movie has played. In the U.S., we've ridden on Northern California's Mt. Tamalpais (where mountain biking was invented), in the stunning red-rock hills of Sedona, Arizona, and in the snowy, high-altitude Rocky Mountain outskirts of Durango, Colorado.

Yesterday, it was Edinburgh's turn. We took a break from meetings and screenings and rented a pair of bikes. We headed out alongside a little canal, found an aqueduct (about 600 feet up in the air), then turned northeast along the Water of Leith. It was absolutely spectacular, and perhaps the most spectacular part was that approximately once per minute (and we were on the ride for quite some minutes), the terrain and scenery completely changed. Even more impressive, it never repeated itself. Highly recommended.

Tonight, we're going to go to Glasgow for a little reunion with some of the cast and crew of our short film Scene which we shot in Stirling...

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Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm are the co-directors of the caper adventure The Red Machine, which will be having its international premiere at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. They live in Los Angeles. Argy & Boehm’s previous movies include the short film Scene, shot in Stirling, Scotland, for which lead actor Bryan Larkin won a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best First Time Performance, and the award-winning short film Gandhi at the Bat.


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