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Mhairi MacLeod has a look at Under the Radar, a line-up of films that could prove to be amongst the biggest discoveries of this year's Fest.

Leafing through this year's programme I couldn't help but notice how much of a melting pot EIFF has become; a Festival where avant-garde filmmakers sharing page space with Hollywood royalty really is the norm.

With this in mind, there's never been a better time to make your own Festival discoveries as eclectic as the line-up itself; opting for films that feature household names and those created by emerging talent, in equal measure.

EIFF's Under the Radar selection in particular is jam-packed with undiscovered gems and if edgy filmmaking and raw talent is up your street then you've come to the right place.

One thread you'll find running through 2010's Under the Radar selection is topicality, with gritty, contemporary issues to boot.

Changing legislation and perceptions of smoking is just one example of a topic that features heavily in John Michael McCarthy's Cigarette Girl; a film that examines the draw of addiction in a future where smoking is outlawed and nicotine fiends are relegated to city outskirts.

Much talked about cult director Ryan Denmark also makes his return to the Fest with Chase the Slut; a seductive tale of one girl's unlikely mission against a backdrop of religion and small town America.

It's fair to say that another EIFF alumni Rona (Strange Girls) Mark hasn't exactly strayed into rom-com territory with The Crab, in which a misanthropic academic with lobster claw syndrome seeks redemption through love.

Genre films can be twisted to a director's liking and Mexican film, The Black Panther, could be the first film to blend classic noir style with sci-fi and feature a cryogenically frozen Mariachi singer.

To find out more and see the full line up of EIFF's Under The Radar films simply grab yourself a programme or check them out here.



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