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Mhairi MacLeod dusts off her keyboard and packs a cheese sandwich in eager anticipation of this year's fest.

Despite being a knee quivering 6 weeks away from the fest, it took one particular EIFF black cab and the strapline ‘what will you discover?’ to jolt me into wondering what this year's 64th festival could possibly have lurking up its red carpeted sleeve.

Last year was my first year at the Film Festival working as deputy web editor which resulted in two weeks of tapping away in the A-list surroundings of a portacabin, rushing to write web content and pacing red carpets; all fuelled by the carbohydrate megamix known simply as a ‘jumbo cheese savoury’ from Baguette Express.

Aside from discovering the adverse effects of a fortnight’s worth of cheese sarnies, I also discovered how the raw glitz, glamour and dogged determination of the world’s filmmakers could easily be forgiven for making Edinburgh – let alone our very own ‘Holyrood’ – feel like a place much more akin to the silver screen.

With this year's program offering a retrospective of forgotten British film and the animated delights of both Toy Story 3 and The Illusionist, there's already plenty to anticipate.

Roll on the festival and out the red carpets, if last year's experience is anything to go by I'll be counting down the days to EIFF 2011 before the end of this year’s closing party.

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EIFF Web Content Writer 2009.


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  • Mark van Tooren Sunday 30th May, 2010 / 21:22 GMT

    How was your experience of working at the Film Festival? I take it you will be working again this year?