Cannes we kick it?

AD Hannah and fellow EIFFers are in Cannes on a mission, and they'll need energy and skill to survive the riotous Riviera fest.

Thanks to the EIFF launch moving a little later to 1 June (I know, it's etched in your memory), Hannah and the crew are in Cannes with an eye on some possible features for the Festival.

It's a privileged position - and great for the EIFF audience. Usually it's too late to add a special title or two from Cannes as we've already gone to press, print and web with the programme. So, while nearly all of the programme has been tied down, the EIFF-Team are on a mission to bring back the best of the French fest.

Judging by the critics' reactions, they may not have been impressed by the opening film, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. One friend sent me an update saying it was 'too damn long between the bows n' arrows bits'. An admittedly not-very-high-brow review, but he's a trusted source.

Cannes is, of course, a bizarre mixture of culture and meat market, and I expect our representatives will be doing their usual exhaustive festival routine - very early start and films until midnight, with business meetings in the few spare minutes in between.

Many industry types frequently tell us how much more they enjoy Edinburgh. 'EIFF is about the films' is the most common comment, and one we're very proud to hear.

Which reminds me, it's T-minus 17 days until programme launch. We're unreasonably excited at HQ and hope you are too.

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