Industry buzz

Now that press and industry delegate registration is open, I'm looking forward to the industry buzz that the film professionals create.

The film industry is the subject of much satire and accusations of luvvy-ness but the experience at EIFF is a little different, because we're a Festival which focusses on discovering new talent for our audience. 

We may have welcomed the likes of Keira to the fest but there are many more undiscovered talents who populate EIFF annually. Although, admittedly, there are a few air kisses to be witnessed.

The industry folk who attend EIFF come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. We have a fantastic delegate centre at the Point Hotel, which hosts the perpetually busy videotheque, many events for aspiring filmmakers, producers and tech staff, and the 'networking zone' (bar, to you and me). And then there's the media scrum.

Indeed, our friends in the press also hail from around the globe - from the Edinburgh Evening News to the Hollywood Reporter. I'll while away many an evening seeking - and occasionally disagreeing with - their opinions.

As press and industry delegate is now open, I can sense the buzz beginning to grow.


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