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This week's release of The Kreutzer Sonata has reminded me of an encounter with its star, the supercool Danny Huston, at the 2008 festival.

I was scheduled to interview Danny - who had rolled into town for the prem of The Kreutzer Sonata and for his role as chair of The Michael Powell Jury - but the honour ultimately fell to our Artistic Director, Hannah McGill, who, to be honest, is much better suited to these circumstances than I.

I was a little disappointed - EIFF gets plenty of big names and I'm usually lucky enough to grab a minute or two with most of them for EIFFtv or the website. Danny is, after all, the son of the legendary director John Huston and had delivered a powerhouse performance in The Proposition that year (still one of my favourite all-time flicks).

My moment came, however, at the Mirrorball party later in the fest. Danny, like the entire Powell jury, was being looked after by the festival's ace talent handler, David 'Hollywood' Hepburn.

I was introduced me to the man himself, albeit for a brief chat. He was the epitome of cool. I'm not one to gush about stars, but there was more than a little class and charm to the man. A Hollywood gent, if ever there was one.

He's also very talented and shouldn't be missed in The Kreutzer Sonata. It may have taken two years to reach our screens but Bernanard 'Candyman' Rose's film is an intelligent erotic drama. And I don't mean in a Wild Orchid sense.


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