World exclusive! No, honestly, it is.

We've discovered some hidden gems from the Festival video vaults, and will soon be showing exclusively online the first of our EIFFtv Classics series of interviews - the first feauring a great scot.

I'm a little wary of using the term 'world exclusive'. It's a tatty tabloid tag that's often seen alongside an interview with Max Clifford's latest client.

But at EIFF we've discovered interviews which are genuinely, 100% world-first, never-before-seen..  well, you get the point

They're from our archive and feature some of the biggest names of world cinema, on stage during In Person interviews at EIFF. These were sell-outs at the time, dating back a few years, and contain some great, and very revealing, moments.

So, we've decided it would be cruel to keep them to ourselves and each month between now and the start of this year's fest, there will be two versions - a short 'n' snappy and an in-depth cut - available online.

The stars involved, it's fair to say, dwarf the England captain's alleged latest squeeze, in celebrity, wit, charm and storytelling skill.

I'm afraid I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but the first features a 2006 interview with a Festival regular, and he makes an uncannily accurate prediction on the future of Britain's biggest movie franchise.

EIFFtv Classics start on Tuesday 16 February and are available to watch exclusively on or on our official YouTube page.

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