The Jury gathers

The festival juries arrived somewhat bleary-eyed Monday and Tuesday, winging (and in one case ferrying) in from around Europe, the US and Australia.

Over tea and scones at the Caledonian Hilton, Michael Powell Jury president Joe Wright mulled over whether he'd be a benevolent dictator or hard-driving tyrant, settling on laid-back democracy as his signature style.

He suggested the jury meet in a few days, in the midst of the process of watching 12 movies, to check in, have a brief chat and discuss where everyone stands on what he or she has seen thus far..

Sacha Horler (Michael Powell jury member and star of My Year Without Sex) and Alan Cumming (international juror and star of Boogie Woogie) mused about the experience of judging one another's films.

After nibbling cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon and chocolate eclairs, jurors went off for a few free hours, in anticipation of the night's screening of Away We Go.

Jet lag? The verdict was unanimous: Nothing a pint can't fix.

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About Claudia Puig

Claudia Puig is the film critic for USA Today, and is on the Michael Powell Jury at this year's Festival.


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