Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead World Premiere!!!

Can't say much more than that to describe my day.

We're starting it with a little Jackson 5 and then a walk up to the botanic gardens to
give my mind a diversion.

This evening, we have a few meetings and then it's off to Filmhouse at 23:00 to face the music.

Yesterday was fantastic. I went for a run to Arthur's Seat and Hutton's Section with one of my dearest friends.

It was indescribable. She's a geology enthusiast and her excitement at standing in the birthplace of modern geology was inspiring.

Gazing into the evidence of Earth's 4.6 billion year history made me feel all at once insignificant and connected to something larger.

I feel very centered today and look forward to sharing my film with an amazing
Edinburgh audience.

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About Ryan Denmark

Ryan is the writer and director of Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead, and will be visiting Edinburgh for the first time at the Festival. He'll be blogging about his experiences each day of the Festival.


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