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The stars of EIFF 2009 have come in all shapes and sizes but Roger Corman is certainly the most influential of them all. I was lucky enough to grab an interview with him today.

Over the last few years I've interviewed a lot of filmmakers and actors for the fest - from indie directors  to those who Heat magazine would call 'celebs'.

Often, it's not the biggest names which make me a little nervous. A red carpet with Keira Knightley? A lot of fun but strictly business. I know the remit, pop the questions and, in most cases, get the answers I need.

Once in a blue moon, I get an interview with someone I hold in such reverence that I feel a little apprehensive. Such was the case this morning with Roger Corman.

While Corman may not be a household name (friends and family won't , I'm sure, share my excitement), the man is a cinematic legend, an influential giant of the silver screen, a veritable... well, you get the point.

I realised this when I repeatedly called him Mr. Corman, despite his insistence on 'Roger'. I did the same with Mr. Harryhausen last year.

Chatting with Mr. Corm -- sorry, Roger was an absolute pleasure. He discussed his production work on Cockfighter (Monte Hellman's film which we were unable to show at EIFF 2006 as it contained real cockfighting scenes), his decision to move away from directing and gave his views on censorship.

The full interview will appear, along with a number of others, throughout the next year on the website.

Why not now? Well, the EIFFtv editors are flat out, so we'll show a clip from it in the Festival Rushes as a teaser.

It's one of my Festival highlights and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. Keep an eye on the monthly EIFF e-newsletter in the coming months for the full version.

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