Intellectual nourishment

Friday was a record day for the Michael Powell jury. We watched 3 films between 9 and 4 with a short break for lunch. While we were entertained, minds stimulated and our curiosity piqued, sustenance came in a variety of forms.

For jury president Joe Wright it was supplied thanks to Messrs. Ben and Jerry. Caramel Chew Chew was his nourishment of choice. Works well with coffee. For Frank Langella it was Cineworld's vast array of colorful candies. "I love reaching in the bag and not knowing what I'm going to get. And I love all the different textures." Tea and coffee sufficed for Sacha and Janet. All three of the movies had some connections: absentee or inattentive parents and unusual locales for what usually occurs in the privacy of the loo. Tonight we party a bit then tomorrow, first thing in the morning, we're off to the moon. Zowie! .

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About Claudia Puig

Claudia Puig is the film critic for USA Today, and is on the Michael Powell Jury at this year's Festival.


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