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"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet;
So zombie would, were he not zombie call'd."

It’s late in my New York apartment and tomorrow I say goodbye to normal life.

After work (my day job as an editor), I’ll retrieve my fellow writer/producer Jason Witter from the airport and we’ll spend the weekend hurriedly making the final preparations for our trip to Scotland on Monday night.

When we land Tuesday morning, I’ll be in a country I’ve never seen, doing exactly what I’ve worked towards my entire adult life. For the first time, I’ll be a feature film director.

It has been almost two years since Jason and I had an idea for an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. We wanted to imagine Shakespeare’s tale of two star-crossed lovers as an 80’s style romantic comedy, but….you know…with Romeo as a zombie. And now, here we come! Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead will have its premiere on June 26 in Filmhouse 1 at 23:00.

So what will this blog be? Self-involved rambling and plugs for my film every other paragraph? There’s a distinct possibility of that. However, I’ll do my best to give you some inside perspective on what it’s like to be a debut filmmaker at one of the world’s greatest film festivals.

Also, I’m willing to give relationship advice. Post your amorous conundrum in a comment below.

Will the blog include behind-the-scenes yarns, fabulous parties and celebrity encounters? I have no idea. Like I said, it’s my first time and I haven’t a clue what’s about to happen to me.

One thing is for sure; it will be fun trying to squeeze it in to 300 words every night. If you see us out, try to get a few drinks in us. If you succeed, I guarantee you that night’s blog will be VERY entertaining.

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About Ryan Denmark

Ryan is the writer and director of Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead, and will be visiting Edinburgh for the first time at the Festival. He'll be blogging about his experiences each day of the Festival.


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  • Chester Loeffler-Bell Monday 15th June, 2009 / 01:28 GMT

    How long are you staying at the festival?
  • Colan Mehaffey Friday 19th June, 2009 / 12:26 GMT

    Hi Chester,
    Ryan is in town for the duration of the fest and will be on stage for the Q&A after the screening of Romeo & Juliet vs The LIving Dead.