And now the end is near...

As I'm writing this there are just a few hours left until the last reel turns on a Festival film, and I'm reflecting on another great year.

Given that this is the fourth time round the block for me, letting go of the Festival doesn't get any easier.

Like many of my fellow staff I'm on my 14th straight day of work but, perversely, I don't want this to end.

Ryan and Jason, the men behind Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead, just dropped by the EIFFtv portacabin (the glamour!) to do their final interview. The interview turned into a bit of a love-in (in the purest sense) and then we said our goodbyes.

If you're reading this, thanks guys for bringing your inspired Shalespearian zombie insanity to EIFF.

My deputy Mhairi is sitting across the desk getting our final e-newsletter ready. She's as bright, breezy and cheerful as ever. Mhairi rocked the fest, as a roving reporter and social butterfly.

EIFFtv director Iain and editor Rachel are cutting together another episode, this one featuring an interview with my good friend and crack Mirror film critic David Edwards. Along with Garry, Alex, Claire and Laura, the EIFFtv crew were a force of nature. What a team!

I could do a tedious Oscar-winner type list of thanks, but I just want to thank one more person and leave you with a final story.

Four years ago I was a jobbing film writer looking to change careers when the EIFF Head of Marketing, Kate Park, contacted me about becoming Web Editor. I remember sheepishly explaining to her that I had no web experience. She took a punt on me, and changed my life in the process.

Now we have a web/EIFFtv crew of 8, and we've innovated and created great things online - Web Membership, vodcasts, blogs... I could go on.

She's leaving this year for pastures new. I know everyone at EIFF will miss her, and I certainly will. Thank you taking a chance on me Kate.

So, it's nearly done. Worry not fest lovers, I'm going to be around all year, getting interviews online, updating you on EIFF movies and giving my own spin on film news. Look out for the monthly EIFF e-newsletter.

Until next time,




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Colan has a background in film criticism, and was drafted in to bring you great content on this very website.


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  • Rod Holland Monday 20th July, 2009 / 08:07 GMT

    I dont know what else you do but the layout of the Festival Guide is poor. You must be in your own little world you know. You may have all the time to indulge this passion of yours but I dont believe you understand that most people simply want to see the films laid out in sections (feature / overseas / documentary / short) with trailers and descriptions against each one and then leave it at that. We are busy people. I need to male up my mind which movies I like and then download/buy them later. The quicker the better. The whole site is a mish mash of stuff, almost as though you are trying to copy everyone elses ideas and forgetting simplicity.