Dummies guide to planning your Festival

Every year I inevitably come across a lost soul at Festival time, dejected because they’ve missed out on a great film or an onstage appearance by their cinematic idol.

So, this year I thought I’d give you a quick fire guide to getting the best from the fest by planning in advance.

1. Start planning now. Seriously. Write off the next 48 hours until ticket sales start and devote yourself to studying the EIFF brochure.

2. Watch the EIFFtv programme highlights. Hannah and the guys know this programme intimately, so relax, watch and learn. It’s like Film 2009 but better informed.

3. Get together with those you’re likely to be festivalling with and decide on some mutual choices. Nothing better than a post-match drink with friends to discuss what you’ve just seen.

4. Working when ticket sales start at midday on 8 May? Book online or take a lunch break and get on the blower to us. Not working? Feel free to join the queue of eager beavers at Filmhouse. Do bear in mind though, we’re not superhuman and our box office computer isn’t Hal from 2001, so please be patient.

5. Book whatever time off you need now. You won’t be the first festival-goer to be spotted by their boss at an EIFF event when they were supposed to be suffering from the worst bout of food poisoning known to man.

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