A new beginning

Well, this is it then - the first ever EIFF blog. A historic online moment for the world’s longest continually running film festival. If I had champagne to hand - sadly, I don't - I'd ceremoniously pop the cork.

With all of our web upgrades this year – forums, comment sections and a new multimedia area among them - I feel like Charlie in a virtual chocolate factory.

So what should you expect from this blog? For one thing, my take on film news and gossip, and lots of it. Not just from EIFF but around the world of film – although there’ll be plenty of hot behind-the-scenes news when I blog every day during the fest.

If I stumble across something great online – and that could be anything from the unforgettable expletive-filled Christian Bale rant to a great Star Wars mashup – I’ll be sure to get it up here post-haste.

And I’ll have plenty of recommendations for you. Just recently I've seen a pair of hard-to-find Klaus Kinski flicks that should be seen by any film fan, even if the second of them did cause me to have a restless night's sleep. Why? Check back for updates.

Oh, I’ll need your input as well. It gets a little lonely up here in my digital tower, so please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

My fellow bloggers will be EIFF programmers – what they don’t collectively know about film could be written on the back of a stamp – and a to-be-announced filmmaker. All will be revealed soon.

It’s hard to believe that EIFF is only a few weeks away. There’s a real buzz around EIFF HQ as the final parts of the programme are put in place, ready for the big launch on Wednesday 6 May. I’ve seen a few of the things our programming whizzes have lined up and I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas. I hope you are too.

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Colan has a background in film criticism, and was drafted in to bring you great content on this very website.


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